How much are you getting paid?

    I used to be grateful for salary because it was supposed to mean I was guaranteed a straight wage year round. I have since discovered that it meant a lot of unpaid time. 

    If you are offered salary, divide it by 52 weeks and then by 40 hours and ask to paid that hourly instead. This means you would expect to be remunerated for your time at the same rate originally agreed upon. If the operator is honest they will agree because it has the potential to save them money in low cashflow times. but if the mentality means the shifts required are ("Chefs open and then close" " A 12 hour shift is a half day") this negotiation will save you from being unscrupulously abused. This is not a reference to some solid employers who have provided as much paid time to employees during low season as during high. this is about general fairness. What the industry needs is to move away from providing precarious work towards secure employment. 



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