The images to the right are from a dinner done in Halifax in a bachelor apartment kitchen. There is no reason anyone should eat bad food ! Or not have a really nice dinner experience as often as they like.  

That meal was a four course meal for two which cost me under $100 including the table, chairs, plates, wine, tablecloth and napkins,  flowers, food serving dishes wine glasses etc!. 


The chicken is similar to the dishes we are going to make in our 4 course for 6 people dinner. 


Starter: Butternut squash soup with green oil 

Medium course: mixed green salad

Main: Stuffed chicken on chantilly potato with zucchini 

Dessert: Chocolate mousse cups with apple crisps.   


When you arrive at my kitchen we will meat and greet and each person cooking will be given a station and ingredients to prepare on.

We will prepare in stages starting with the dessert and ending with the main course which will be laid up ready for cooking while we eat to first two courses.


The prices and ingredients are from Save on foods in Sidney, and I will give a list of ingredients and the recipes when we start. as well as a time plan.     



Chef Geoff and Friends


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